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I’ve been a garden designer for ten years and in that time have had a wide range of commissions – both commercial and residential, urban and rural.  At the beginning of my career, I designed and built several show gardens to establish my name, winning RHS medals for each one – culminating in a gold medal for a conceptual garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower show.
Combining my background in psychology and zoology with my love of nature and landscapes which appear in the natural world, I set out to create spaces which attract wildlife and provide a rich ecological environment whilst blending with the style and needs of my clients. The mental and physical health benefits of the outdoors are well known and its important that the outside spaces we create entice us to go out and enjoy them.
Ecology is at the heart of my design ethic. I avoid using chemicals and I don't cut down trees unnecessarily or use tonnes of concrete or artificial grass. The environment is beautiful and complicated and I believe it's important to work with it and not against it whilst creating beautiful spaces which enhance our lives.

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